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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Pines ₱ 1,836,000 Floor Area - 60 sqm / Lot Area - 50 sqm
Oakwood ₱ 3,200,000 Floor Area - 104 sqm / Lot Area - 100 sqm


Why invest in Carmona Estates


The Carmona estates are located in one of the prime areas in the Philippines. It is 3km from the South Superhighway. It is easy to locate as you just exit on the toll that is immediately after Splash Island. It is also near Ayala Nuvali.

In fact, the Laguna Technopark and Dela Salle Canlubang are clearly seen from Carmona Estates. Additionally, it is located in a flood free area which makes it a safe investment.

 Lastly, there is a road that is being built to connect Ayala Nuvali and Carmona Estates which makes the possibilities endless.


Carmona Estates is made up of various phases, namely: Pinecrest Village, Oakwood Village, and Amandala Village. Each phase has an individual gate couples with 2 main gates.

One gate connects to Carmona Public Market whereas the other one connects to Southwoods. The magic does not stop there, the main entrances have police checkouts which means it’s a no go zone for intruders.

Green living

Carmona Estates is a classic definition of an environmentally friendly property. It is surrounded by greens and there are expansive green spaces. This is further enhanced by the location which is higher than Manila City which makes the environment truly relaxing.

Exclusive community

Once you buy a property in Carmona Estates, you become an automatic member of the Homeowners Association. This gives you exclusivity to enjoy all the amenities that come with the property at the same time participating in all the decisions within.

Flexible payment options

The property developer accommodates 4 different financing methods.

Spot cash payment
If you have the financial muscles and wouldn't wish to engage with the pull and push with your bank having to pay high-interest rates, you can choose to pay cash for your preferred unit.

Deferred cash payment
This allows you to dedicate a portion of your salary to go into paying for your property. This is ideal for individuals who are employed and expect a monthly payment.

In-house financing
It’s easier as opposed to banking finance as the developer only requires identification documents. One thing to note with in-house financing, it attracts a higher interest rate. With this payment option, you are required to;

Make a down payment of 20% of the total price of the property within the first 15 months while the remaining 80% is loanable to the developer office.

The Mortgage Redemption Insurance and Fire insurance are captured in the monthly amortization

Bank financing
With bank financing, you are required to make a down payment of 12.5% within 15 months while the remaining 87.5% is loanable to your bank. This financing accrues an 8% interest rate annually.

The Mortgage Redemption Insurance and Fire insurance are paid separately.


Without the benefit of a doubt, the Carmona Estates helps many families invest in their future dreams. Many homeowners trust the property developer as a result of affording them with quality and affordable houses that any family would wish for their loved ones. The property is reasonably priced and also affords flexible payment scheme. Overall, the property is a complete package for any aspiring home owner. It is a great choice for a family home.

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